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Cold Spring's Main Street is a unique collection of stores that slope down to the east bank of the Hudson. Stores include antique shops, coffee houses & restaurants with outdoor dining, live entertainment, and river's edge park areas with Gazebo & benches overlooking the Hudson.
 Seen on Main Street
The Cold Spring Historic District includes much of the central area of the Hudson River village of the same name in Putnam County, New York. It is roughly bounded by Main Street (in the northeastern portion of the village the eastern end of NY 301), Cedar (NY 9D) and Fair streets and Paulding Avenue.
It gives Cold Spring its quaint character and has been described as "one of the best-preserved 19th century townscapes in the Hudson River region".

A consultants' report for the village's 1987 master plan quotes the National Register of Historic Places saying, upon adding the district in 1982: As a surviving industrial village, Cold Spring's commercial, ecclesiastical and residential features reflect the economic and social dynamics of the (early 19th century) era.
The distinctive store structures on the broad Main Street, the noticeable contrast of house types and neighborhoods and the variety of religious institutions dominated by the foundry owner's donated Episcopal church, are the legacy of the prosperous and paternalistic society in nineteenth century Cold Spring. They are significant today for their architectural and historical associations to important events in the history of the Hudson Highlands.

Most of the houses, churches and other buildings came into existence in the years before the Civil War, when the nearby West Point Foundry was at the peak of its production and workers were rapidly moving into the area.

Today the district includes over 200 buildings, many of them contributing properties. They have helped transform the village into a popular upscale residence for commuters and weekend destination for New York City residents due to the nearby Metro-North train station offering easy access to Grand Central Station.

The Lemonade Stand by the Train Station was very popular with the Sunday crowd.

Main Street, Cold Spring one of those destination streets that just radiates charm, with an abundance of things to see and to do for one weekend or many. There are ice cream stores, pizza parlors, seats along the main drag for tourist-watching and enough quaint shops to keep anyone as busy as they want to be. For sophisticated boutiques that rival those in Manhattan, local eateries for any taste and antique shops come and enjoy our Main Street.
Just walking down Main Street gives one a stroll into the past, with great shopping and eating thrown in for good measure. For architecture buffs one is dazzled by the Colonial and Victorian architectural styles in this beautifullly preserved 19th-century village. Take a walk down any side street and you will be even more dazzeled by all the little gardens and architectural details of the old homes that make up the village.
Visitors and locals enjoy the ambience of this charming village street.
Just watching the comings and goings on Main Street is a treat.
Wheels on Main Street
Window Shopping
Ride The Trolley
During the warmer months the trolley service provides a handy way for visitors to explore the local area.

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