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Cold Spring is a village in the town of Philipstown in Putnam County, New York, United States. The population was 1,983 at the 2010 census.] It borders the smaller village of Nelsonville. The central area of the village is on the National Register of Historic Places as the Cold Spring Historic District due to its many well-preserved 19th-century buildings, constructed to accommodate workers at the nearby West Point Foundry (itself a Registered Historic Place today). The town is the birthplace of General Gouverneur K. Warren, who was an important figure in the Union Army during the Civil War.

The village, located in the Hudson Highlands, sits at the deepest point of the Hudson River, directly across from West Point. Cold Spring serves as a weekend getaway for many residents of New York City.

Commuter service to New York City is available via the Cold Spring train station, served by Metro-North Railroad. The train journey is about an hour and ten minutes to Grand Central Terminal. - Wikipedia

 Cold Spring Adds to Mix of Shops

The quaint Putnam County village of Cold Spring, long characterized by the row of antique shops along Main Street, is drawing tourists and residents alike with a more diverse mix of stores and restaurants.

Thanks to a recent crop of new businesses—including ice-cream store Moo Moo's Creamery; ice-pop maker Go-Go Pops and Cold Spring Apothecary a natural-health and beauty-aids retailer, the strip—often marred by empty storefronts, may soon have no vacancies, says Leonora Burton of the Cold Spring Merchants' Association and owner of the Country Goose at 115 Main.

"When I started 28 years ago, it was mainly antiques stores," Ms. Burton says. "Now, I was just counting up, there are 21 places where you can get food and drink. It's just mind-boggling…Everywhere you look things have changed hands, and they're changing their way of doing business.


Cold Spring, NY - An old-world respite, just 50 miles from NYC


Mention Cold Spring and a lot of New Yorkers scratch their heads. Sounds familiar, they say, but it soon becomes apparent they’re thinking of Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island, if they’re able to conjure anything at all.

Photograph: Tony Mazariello

The High Life by Rita Ross

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Artist as Local Hero: George Stevenson by Michael Turton 

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Small-Town America With Big Time Views of the Hudson

If you’re looking to ditch New York City for a day, the village of Cold Spring, N.Y., has three fundamental advantages: It’s cute, it’s close and you don’t need a car to get there. Magical, yet practical — like Brigadoon stuffed into your neighborhood deli.

About an hour and a quarter’s train ride north from Grand Central Terminal, a visit to Cold Spring is a neat trick — the perfect way for New Yorkers to flirt with small-town America, but be home before midnight.


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